The Wreck Cove General Store has been making and selling lobster sandwiches since 1978. We offer them only in the summer season, from late May until mid-October.

Our famous lobster sandwich

Perhaps lobster is at its best freshly steamed, and fresh from the shell. Yet, in our opinion, it is very near its finest when eaten as a sandwich.

The lobster we use is caught in the Atlantic on the north coast of Cape Breton Island. In Neil's Harbour, at the fisheries plant, it is cooked as soon as it comes off the boats. And cooked just right! It is immediately shucked (taken from the shell), then frozen in a salt water brine. Again, in our opinion, it tastes like it just came out of the pot.

We use only claw and knuckle meat, because it is the tenderest, and the sweetest.

Our bread is made just for us by la Boulangerie Aucoin Bakery in Cheticamp, and the flavour is such that it does not get in the way of tasting the lobster.

We don't add anything to our sandwich other than salt, pepper, and sandwich dressing. It may look very plain, but we find it best not to disturb the delicate taste of the lobster with lettuce and other tidbits.

For 25 years and more we have been selling these sandwiches. People have read about them in Germany, talk about them in California, and spread rumors about them in Toronto. We hope you enjoy the taste of lobster for its simple, mild, and sweet flavor.