Wreck Cove General Store: Open all year Wreck Cove General Store: Open all year

Wreck Cove is one of the communities of the "North Shore" of Cape Breton Island's rugged highlands. The North Shore runs from the Englishtown ferry to the foot of Smokey Mountain, along the Cabot Trail and the Atlantic coast. The scenery here is stunning, including salt marshes and quiet fresh-water lakes, the wide open sea, and the peaks of the highlands. The fall colours are world-famous, and the sea changes every day.

Map of NE Cape BretonThe people here are few, but special. It looks like we live in isolation, but there's as much society as one wants. We like to think that our store is one of the hubs of our community. Especially in the "off" season, our coffee table is home to those who want to chat and catch up.

The North Shore area is traditionally Gaelic; there are still native speakers of Gaelic living here, and new students of the language, too. You'll find many place name signs in both English and Gaelic. There are also lots of creative people who have chosen to make Cape Breton their home, and who have set up "shop" along the Shore.

There are many fascinating workshops and stores along the Trail, and accommodation to suit every taste, from housekeeping cottages and B&Bs to camp grounds and trailer parks. This is a beautiful spot for a scenic drive, ride, or hike, snowmobile adventure, or kayak excursion. Some of the best golf in Canada is just up or down the road. Cross-country skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing are popular with tourists and locals alike. And we hear that fishing is quite big, too...


Here are some links to local services and offerings that will give you a taste of life in our "town".

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