Wreck Cove General Store: Open all year Wreck Cove General Store: Open all year

The Wreck Cove General Store was founded in 1976, and is owned and operated by Brent Partland and Jenn Rhodes. Transplanted from Ontario in 2014, Brent and Jenn have become the new faces of the store, and look forward to providing many years of service to locals and visitors alike.

One of the people you may meet throughout the year is our longest-standing employee, Lynn. She's been here as long as the store—in fact, a little longer; our store is built on land that purchased from Lynn's father, and that used to be part of the family farm.

If you come looking for fuel in the high season, you're likely to get it from John (yes, we're full serve!), who came here from Ontario enough years ago that he's managed to recover, finally. If you want to know about the sights around here, ask John.

We spend a lot of time looking for and selecting special inventory that represents the best that Maritime Canada has to offer, and we believe that our store is more than just a place to grab a coffee for the road. We want our customers to spend time getting to know us and our offerings, and we hope that your visit to Cape Breton will be more memorable because you stopped by our store.

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